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Steve Jobs RIP

I was never a big fan of Apples later computers.  Their oringinal ones broke ground and I remember them fondly.  The Apple II was a great machine.    I started programming on the box.   It was much more like a PC.  A wide open system that you could do anything with.  Later as the MacIntosh took off, Apple closed down your options in order to ensure a smoother experience for the user.  I hated that aspect and became a devoted PC type after that.

However that decision to make the system as bullet proof as possible  was the foundation for the truly explosive growth of Apple.   Who wants a music player or phone that is anything but rock solid?   The iPad is a computer as well, but it is primarily for consuming content not generating it.

Steve Jobs saw the power of making things innovative, gorgeous to look at and as dependable as possible.  He changed the world in many ways that are as profound as Henry Ford.



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