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End of the Jobs Era

It is still a news flash at this point with virtually no details.  Reading through the lines this most probably a significant health issue.   The effect on Apple is going to be nontrivial.   The only meaningful comparison in the 20th Century might be William J Durant except when GM got to gigantic size, Billy could … Continue reading

Real sales expectations

The decision by HP to kill the TouchPad had to be an all emotional decision. The NY Times describes the pattern of big tech companies killing new products exceedingly fast.  This is a near suicidal way to run a business. Yes there are truly awful products that should have never made the light of day.   … Continue reading

Patent Hunt

The analysis of Google’s acquistion of Motorola Mobility has evolved over the last day.  There is a strong theme developing that this is about the Patent library.  There is a well documented legal war going on between all the major technology players.  Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Google are making a lot of lawyers a whole … Continue reading

Google buys Motorola Mobility

Google is sitting on piles of cash.  Some reports put it at $40BB dollars.   I suppose that could burn a hole in your pocket.   So Google is going to spend $12BB to buy Motorola’s old phone division. This is a strange play.  Google is the king of search and is doing really innovative things in … Continue reading

Washington has a deal

Well not really.  As of this morning The Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader have a verbal agreement.   Not nearly the same as voted on and signed at the White House.   However, the pundits seem to think that this is It.   Well what is It? That is a hard thing to know about Washington.  Remember … Continue reading

Some simple advice on buying a business

The Wall Street Journal published a piece on Buying an Established Business.  Anyone who has ever been down the Due Diligence path will know 90% of the article.  One very interesting piece is in the financing area.  They discuss a strategy called a ROBS, Rollover as Business Startup.   Essentially it is a strategy to use your … Continue reading