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Atlantis is Home

The cliches are running amuck,  “End of an Era,”  “The last in line.”   All of these aside, the truth is that as of today, The United States of America is no longer a space faring nation.  This did not happen overnight and is actually been a trend.  Since the end of the Apollo program no one … Continue reading

Google + One Week Later

Settting everything up was easy.  I am not sure there was an appreciable difference from Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media tools.   So is this a Facebook Killer?  Am I going to abandon Linked In?  Do the Circles change everything? Well not at this point. Let me be candid that I am not an avid FB … Continue reading

Moody’s Strategy

This one makes very little sense unless you are at the Rating’s Agency.  They have suggested that the US eliminate any limit on the debt.  With no debt ceiling, Congress can not get in the way of the administration’s desire to borrow money and that will be less risky.   With the never ending pile piles … Continue reading

Google +

I am one of the rapidly growing but fortunate few who have been invited to Google +.  Is this a Facebook Killer?  Not sure about that at all.   The concept of critical mass is not new to business.   With 750MM users Facebook has it for sure.  Even if Google + is superior (Betamax anyone ?) … Continue reading

China vs America

Bob Herbold is the ex COO of Microsoft.  He has an editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal about China’s great growth rates, expanding infrastructure and seemingly superior results.   I got to interview Bob several years ago on Capitalist Cleveland. Let me start by agreeing with Bob on a number of fronts.  The economic illiterates in Washington … Continue reading

Thank You Inside Business

I want to thank the editors, reporters and staff at Inside Business Magazine for their recent article on Entrepreneurs MC.  Here is the link to the piece.   For anyone interested in joining E=MC for a ride or business meeting the website is http://www.entrepreneursmc.com