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Nothing Lives Forever

Here is a very interesting list of formerly top notch firms that are predicted to disappear.   These are household names that range from SAAB to A&W.  Perhaps some of these will make radical turns in their business model to not just survive, but to actually thrive.  However most are likely to fall. This causes some … Continue reading


The Wall Street Journal had a great article today on productivity and innovation.  The author is Professor Russel Roberts from Stanford.   It is a good classic piece on the positive effect of disruptive technology.   The quick synopsis is that when you make something or someone more efficent, resources are freed up to do some other … Continue reading

Government is the Problem

This story has been running around on the TV, Radio and Web today.   If you have not read the details on the government shutting down the kids lemonade stand, here is a link to the WSJ article. Let me quote Ronald Reagan, “Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” Unemployment … Continue reading

Pandora and the other IPO’s

It is starting to feel like 1999? The Linked In IPO was pretty impressive a few weeks back.  Pandora rocketed up and headed back down almost immediately.   Groupon is on the horizon.  The one everybody is waiting on is Facebook. The technology involved in each is very different.  However the objective of all enterprises is … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Big Blue

The front page of the IBM website says it all, “Today IBM begins its 101st year.” Big Blue is not going to be the splashy IPO this year.  It has been part of the Dow longer than most of us have been alive.   They did not invent Social Networking, but their alumni have been part … Continue reading