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Technology and Cash

Cash is King and there is No Queen.   A truism for business.  The virtual wallet is not new.  Folks in Japan have able to walk up to a Coke machine for years and buy something with their cell phone.  The US has been way behind on this front but that appears to be ready for … Continue reading

Dell and Small Business

This almost has a feel of an endorsement but that is not the point.  Dell Computer has been doing pretty well out there.  Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal.   What is making them keep chugging along?  My suspicion is that they understand the real drivers of growth in the economy.  Dell has … Continue reading

LinkedIn IPO

I am not a huge fan of social media.   There are just too many really stupid things going on with most of the sites by teenagers and busy bodies that have zero sense of propriety, decorum or personal privacy.  That being said, I am on LinkedIn and have found it to be a pretty good tool.   … Continue reading