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Phone Tag

MCF Technology Solutions is working on a portal for a customer.  Their objective is to provide self service to their clients on Project Status. Where is the ROI? The objective is two fold.  First this reduces the time to get an answer to a customer.   This will give you some warm and fuzzy feelings.  Certainly it … Continue reading

System Consolidation

MCF Tech has a new client.  We are building a couple of different things for them.   The first part is Project Management.  In this case we are retiring a myriad of individual spreadsheets that “manage” the process now. The client also has a third party Time and Expense package.  On first glance it appears quite … Continue reading

Intuit Summit

I got back from the Intuit Solution Providers Summit in Chicago two weeks ago.  It was a great event, well attended and Intuit put on a couple of great parties. So what was my ROI for taking off a week from the office? There are some non tangible benefits.  Lots of good food and drink.   … Continue reading