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We have all heard a million VOIP ads.  MCF Tech is Beta Testing the latest offering from 800PBX.  These guys are unique for two reasons, integration and hosting.  I admit hosted PBX has been around for a while.  We are PAAS guys tried and true.  If it does not run in the Cloud we don’t want it.

I went and looked at a half dozen hosted solutions, but could not get anything with API’s.  We write custom CRM and PM systems all the time.  The question has been coming up more and more about how to tie CRM to the phone system. 

The ROI is on time saved.  Letting the PC dial the phone, make conference calls and record high value calls is important.  Having the record of that call and a link to the recording in your system is huge.  There are plenty of systems that will record the phone logs and calls in enormous lists that can only be referenced with a complex SQL query.

Who needs that?  It is a useless tool.  If you are a VP of Sales and your best guy is out on vacation, who is covering on those accounts?  What do they need to know get a PO TODAY !   Telling them to call the IT department to check when we called the client last is useless.  You have to be able to go to the client record and see the call history, notes and maybe recordings.

Please do not tell me that your best sales guy is going to do double entry in multiple systems.  It is got to be simple and in one place.

I will let you know if I have found a solution.



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