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Do You Hate Tech?

That sounds like a really weird question for a Technology Blog.  But what is the point of all the technology changing around us?  For those of us over 35, I remember the days when we could not wait for the latest release of any software or hardware?  Windows 95 was the classic example.  Everybody was talking about it.  Any upgrade in clockspeed by Intuit meant the guy next to you had a faster CPU and that meant a rush to go get a new PC.

Are you waiting with baited breath for Windows 7?  Do you know how many GHz the processor is in your laptop?  Probably not. 

The pendulum has in fact swung to the other side.  Buying the latest and greatest of any tool is no longer fun.  500 new features in a software package that already has 10,000 is not adding value and you should not pay for it.

It may sound like a tired cliche but any expense has to have a real Return on Investment (ROI).   Very few technology purchases are going to generate cash.  If you can buy something that prints money, then do it.

That leaves only two things that something new can do for you.

1) Cut cost from an existing process.

2) Save employee time.

Putting numbers around these can be a horrible exercise.  Estimates are often wildly optimistic.  We will dig into these more next time.



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