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Intuit ISP Advisory Council

An annoucement and disclosure on my side.  I am now on the Intuit Solution Partners Advisory Council.  I am representing the old QBC program.  Intuit’s QuickBase product is one of the tools that we use at MCF Tech.  It is a great Platform as a Service framework.  In the Web 2.0  world it is a … Continue reading

Accuracy is worth……..

You know that I am constantly saying do not spend your money without an ROI.   So what is accuracy worth? Not so easy a question.  I hate to be negative, but lets approach the question from a different direction.  What does inaccuracy cost?  Still not super easy but some things start to come to mind. … Continue reading

Always On

There is a Summit at Stanford this week presented by Always On.  I have not been to this in the past so this post is a view from a distance.  First let me admit that 800PBX is going to be there.  Since MCF is in Beta on their latest virtual tool, I am little interested. I really … Continue reading


We have all heard a million VOIP ads.  MCF Tech is Beta Testing the latest offering from 800PBX.  These guys are unique for two reasons, integration and hosting.  I admit hosted PBX has been around for a while.  We are PAAS guys tried and true.  If it does not run in the Cloud we don’t want … Continue reading

Do You Hate Tech?

That sounds like a really weird question for a Technology Blog.  But what is the point of all the technology changing around us?  For those of us over 35, I remember the days when we could not wait for the latest release of any software or hardware?  Windows 95 was the classic example.  Everybody was … Continue reading